Teach, Learn & Preserve African and Indigenous Languages

Designed to facilitate fluency, intonation, and dialect, placing community and social interaction at the core of the language acquisition process. 

Choose Your Community


Curious Learner

For learners who want a simple introduction to language learning.


Local Community

For learners looking for intermediate-level classes, local community, live sessions, and ai support.


Global Community

For learners seeking to learn at an advanced level, connect with a global community, and AI support.

The Yekola Way

Yekola is a pioneering language learning app emphasizing community-driven, audio-first interactions.


We aim to introduce and teach over 2,000 African languages.


We aim to learn about the diverse cultures and traditions on the continent.


We aim to preserver endangered African languages.

How it Works

AI Powered Language Translator

Unlock instant and accurate text-to-speech, and speech-to-text translations to bridge linguistic gaps.

Daily Sprints Powered By Generative AI

Enhance fluency and proficiency through personalized exercises, conversations, and feedback.

Automatic Language Identifier

Quickly and accurately determine the language of any text or conversation, and receive additional resources.

Social Media Integration + Plug Ins

Elevate your online presence and engage with audiences worldwide by effortlessly incorporating multilingual capabilities into your social media platforms.

Judgement Free
Learning Environment